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Unlock your potential at UPGRD X Lite

Your mind is a powerful quantum computer. Do you know how to unlock its potential?

UPGRD X was created by John Madsen, a sought-out high performance expert and William Lam, a world renowned mental programmer.

UPGRD X Lite is an introductory two day event designed to transform your thinking by giving you the tools to reprogram the beliefs holding you back.

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William Lam

— Founder, UPGRD®

An internationally sought-after mental reprogrammer and a modern embodiment of new/ancient Chinese proverbs, William Lam is an American Board Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor, Certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and known as the “Yoda Of The West”.

High net-worth individuals by the thousands have sought out the latest in mental programming, ultimately creating a tightly-knit community surrounding the training and principles of UPGRD® and its instructors.

Through gaining total control of their thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns, William and the principles in UPGRD have enabled every person that has surrendered their pre-conceptions and self-limiting beliefs to achieve personal heights and bests that have exceeded their largest, wildest previous goals.

John Madsen

— CEO, Supra Human

John Madsen is the founder of SUPRA HUMAN INC, which teaches high-performance individuals and executive teams how to AUTOMATE CHAMPIONSHIP BEHAVIOR to get CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS.

His clientele is made up of professional athletes, entrepreneurs, corporate execs players, and Fortune 500 CEOs who want to completely OPTIMIZE MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT in order to win even bigger.

Despite never playing a single down of high school football, John reached his childhood dream of playing in the NFL after playing for the University of Utah under legendary coach, Urban Meyer.

On his popular podcast, THE SHOW with John Madsen, his mission is to turn ordinary humans into SUPRA HUMANS by maxing out every persons physical and mental fitness.

After a single year, SUPRA HUMAN Inc has sky rocketed as an industry leading brand in the virtual fitness space, and according to John, “they haven’t even started yet".

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January 20 – January 21 (Friday & Saturday)

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Learn how to achieve a higher level of excellence in your life

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Improve your mindset.


Optimize your body.


Create more abundance.

Hear from Mindset and Business Thought Leaders

Taylor Welch

Taylor Welch is the founder of 3 global brands, ranging from industries such as digital marketing, real estate, & wealth management for high profile speakers, leaders, & entrepreneurs. His companies generate multiple 8 figures per year in revenues, while servicing clients from 50+ different countries.

The modern-day entrepreneur - when HEALTHY, focused & clear - has unbelievable power to change the world for the better. Taylor's mission is to unlock & equip busy business owners to ascend to the NEXT level of impact, where they can create exponential growth & wealth accumulation.

Ryan Niddel

Ryan Niddel began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 10 with a lawn mowing operation which led to being taken under the wing of a local businessman while being mentored starting at the age of 14. He currently is a principle in a private equity group, the CEO of two 8 figure companies, and sits on the board of directors for several other companies.

He has built a reputation as Ohio's top business growth specialist, and someone able to rapidly improve the profitability of a company in order to achieve a higher valuation and sell for significantly more revenue. He is in the process of launching a foundation focused on education to help with practical application of business, entrepreneurism, and capitalism.

Emily Ford

From starting her entrepreneurial journey 13 years ago with no business background to now running and sustaining a 9 figure sales organization as well as speaking to companies and teams globally, Emily Ford truly embodies what it means to have the ITfactor.

Emily has spoken next to Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyasoki, trains corporate sales and leadership teams on "Leaders Who Have IT", and privately consults faith-driven leaders in achieving new levels of business and fulfillment in their life. She has now cultivated a transformative method that allows people to not just extract their IT factor, but also integrate it into all facets of their business and life.

Keith Yackey

Keith Yackey is the founder and creator of When his wife left him 5 years ago, he realized that he was the problem and that his wife was no longer attracted to him. Since getting her back, Keith has dedicated his life to teaching men how to get their wives to want to have sex with them again. By doing one simple thing, becoming the most attractive version of themselves.

Paul Kruger

Paul Kruger made a living sacking household name Quarterbacks including Tom Brady, Payton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and other legendary players. He played alongside historical figures such as Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Drew Brees.

Kruger has transitioned from pro football to pro business; Private Equity, Real Estate development and Food Franchising are among his most profitable pursuits. He has become a respected and trusted name in the business community and continues to thrive off the field. Kruger continues to have a passion for NFL life helping players strategize for life after the game. Kruger continues winning and is living to his fullest potential.

Ben Humble

Ben Humble always dreamed of building an empire, motivating, entertaining, and investing in other people. He attended school for music, then dropped out to pursue a career in business. He became a millionaire at just 30 years old. He created a sub-prime homeownership company that helped dozens of families change their financial future.

Ben is the founder of Cashflow Tribe, an educational real estate company helping Canadians achieve financial freedom through building successful real estate businesses. He continues to change lives through his passion for speaking, teaching and coaching. He feels that it's his calling to serve people and create a massive impact.

Brad Clifford

Brad Clifford is the Co-Founder and CEO of Elevétion. Brad has spent 9 years in Executive Leadership for some of the top Medical Device companies in the world, advising thousands of providers, physicians, and top organizations in the US healthcare market. This is where he recognized a massive gap in the healthcare system.

Brad and the Elevétion team are on a mission to save 1 million lives with their unique approach to healthcare. Elevétion provides a concierge wellness experience designed to get your body back to homeostasis through optimal cellular health. You are unique - which means, your approach to optimal living should be unique too.

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