An immersive two day event engineered to Improve your mental performance

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Unlock your potential at UPGRD X Lite

Your mind is a powerful quantum computer. Do you know how to unlock its potential?
UPGRD X was created by John Madsen, a sought-out high performance expert and William Lam, a world renowned mental programmer.

UPGRD X Lite is an introductory two day event designed to transform your thinking by giving you the tools to reprogram the beliefs holding you back.

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Connect with the Founders

William Lam

— Founder, UPGRD®

An internationally sought-after mental reprogrammer and a modern embodiment of new/ancient Chinese proverbs, William Lam is an American Board Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor, Certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and known as the “Yoda Of The West”.

High net-worth individuals by the thousands have sought out the latest in mental programming, ultimately creating a tightly-knit community surrounding the training and principles of UPGRD® and its instructors.

Through gaining total control of their thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns, William and the principles in UPGRD have enabled every person that has surrendered their pre-conceptions and self-limiting beliefs to achieve personal heights and bests that have exceeded their largest, wildest previous goals.

John Madsen

— CEO, Supra Human

John Madsen is the founder of SUPRA HUMAN INC, which teaches high-performance individuals and executive teams how to AUTOMATE CHAMPIONSHIP BEHAVIOR to get CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS.

His clientele is made up of professional athletes, entrepreneurs, corporate execs players, and Fortune 500 CEOs who want to completely OPTIMIZE MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT in order to win even bigger.

Despite never playing a single down of high school football, John reached his childhood dream of playing in the NFL after playing for the University of Utah under legendary coach, Urban Meyer.

On his popular podcast, THE SHOW with John Madsen, his mission is to turn ordinary humans into SUPRA HUMANS by maxing out every persons physical and mental fitness.

After a single year, SUPRA HUMAN Inc has sky rocketed as an industry leading brand in the virtual fitness space, and according to John, “they haven’t even started yet".

Event Details


July 15 – July 16 (Friday & Saturday)


OTTO Car Club, 15550 N 78th St, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260

Learn how to achieve a higher level of excellence in your life

the x factor foundational core pillars


Improve your mindset.


Optimize your body.


Create more abundance.

Experience Transformative Breathwork

Shannon Sperber

Shannon Sperber, DPT, is heart math certified and a licensed Somatic Release Breathwork™️ facilitator. Her passion is helping high performers clear mental and physical blockages using their breath, so they can show up as their true authentic self with more purpose, clarity and alignment.

Hear from Mindset & Business Thought Leaders

Arash Vossoughi is the Sr. Vice President of Sales for Proctor Gallagher and a high performing mindset and success coach. In 2010, Arash discovered his purpose (which is coaching others to create the life they truly want), tripled his income from the most he had ever earned, and lost 42 pounds. Arash’s success has had a ripple effect on hundreds of people. He believes anyone who puts their heart into this work and sticks with it, will live a different life six months to a year.

Dave Allred has built an impressive portfolio of multifamily and commercial real estate across the country. Having executed his goal of 1,000 rental doors, he’s now launched Axia Partners, a national real estate fund focused on creating wealth through recession resilient passive income, where he serves as Managing Partner. In addition to speaking and teaching from stage, Dave consults for several high growth businesses helping increase profitability and expand their businesses. Dave has mentored thousands of others to level up via optimizing results through his unique “Lifestyle Design” program. His passion lies in helping inspire others to gain financial freedom through lifestyle investing, all things high adventure, and living life all out.

Michael Mahoney

Highly trained and talented in communication, mental programming and sales, Michael specializes in training high level entrepreneurs on how to optimize their mindset to produce maximum results in all areas of their lives. In his current role as Business Development Director for UPGRD®, Michael aims to create massive win-win opportunities for everyone he works with. He is also co-founder & principal of Upgrade Partners Capital LLC, a private equity fund that focuses on raising capital for multi-family investment opportunities.

Ryan Flint, SIOR, principal at Mountain West Commercial, an entrepreneur, a highly sought-after public speaker, and one of the most well-known real estate entrepreneurs in the country. Garnering a near-fanatical following across multiple platforms, Ryan has been featured in multiple publications and earned multiple top-performing awards throughout his career. Ryan’s passion for building thriving client and colleague relationships is the basis of his “celebrity-like” reputation. He leads by example, whether it be through his unmatched work ethic, the way he treats others, or his everyday desire to be the best he can be.

MD Nazir is a Principal and Co-Founder of Sunrise Multifamily. He began his career in the transportation industry when he founded Stay Classy Transportation in 2011. He is a passionate entrepreneur who has built a multimillion-dollar business portfolio. MD specializes in equity placement and portfolio management. He serves as the boots-on-the-ground in construction and asset management of the Sunrise Multifamily portfolio.

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