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Founder & CEO

John Madsen,
Former nfl player

John Madsen, who never played high school football, went on to fulfill his childhood dream of playing in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns. Coached by Urban Mayer at the University of Utah, he has applied his champion mindset to both sports and business. For 10 years, he has helped hundreds of high school and collegiate athletes gain a competitive edge.

Recognized as a highly sought-out consultant by Business Insider and other media publications, his company Supra Human, comprising of certified experts, helps thousands of business men and women improve their fitness and nutrition. His clients include Olympians, MLB and NFL players, and corporate executives.

You can catch John weekly on his top-rated mindset podcast, The Show with John Madsen.

Co-Owner and COO

Nineveh Madsen
Former tv personality

An Edward R. Murrow award winning journalist and daughter of Assyrian Iraqi immigrants, Nineveh has a career that spans from TV news anchor and reporter for FOX & NBC to business. She spent a decade leading growth at her father’s network security company and now serves as the company’s board of advisors. She is the co-owner and COO of Supra Human, leading the executive suite, client experience, and brand marketing.

Nineveh is passionate about helping women go next level. Known to be direct, Nineveh never holds back; she believes women need more straight talk if they truly have a desire to win.

You can catch her podcast & weekly show, Chief Rich Bitch


Ben Olliver

Head Coach

Ryan Stevens


Ryan Sedillo


Steve Baum


Brittney Bleazard


Shane Teel


Kierra Israelson

Director of Operations

Amy Andreason

Client Experience Specialist

Emily Greene

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Grant Brecher


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